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10R3 Downloads

10R3 Downloads Version Size
2200 Release Document (PDF Format) 10R3-6 1.32mb
10R3 ODBC Driver 32-Bit

Read.me ODBC Driver 32-Bit

10R3 ODBC Driver 64-Bit

Read.me ODBC Driver 64-Bit

Installation Guide 64-Bit



IG 64-Bit






10R3 SDK (Samples and Documentation) 10R3 SDK 13.3mb


Welcome to the UniAccess Documentation page — a comprehensive, online resource for your UniAccess documentation. The information provided in the documentation assists UniAccess customers in installing, configuring, and working in the UniAccess environment.

Note: When saving documents from this page, inter document links may not be available.  For additional information, please see Restoring inter document links, below.

UniAccess for OS 2200 10R3 Documentation

Restoring inter document links

When saving documentation from this page, inter document links (links between UniAccess documents) may not be available unless the documents are installed as a set (from the zip files) or as part of the UniAccess SDK installation (either from the cd or from the downloads section of this web site) or if the documentation is saved in unique subdirectories using the following naming conventions (where nnn is the UniAccess version):

…. nnn_adm\sys_adm.pdf,

…. nnn_cl\cl_lib.pdf,

…. nnn_oc\oc_guide.pdf, and

…. nnn_sl\serv_lib.pdf

These subdirectories must all be contained within the same parent directory. The following is an example using the 10R3 documentation: