UniAccess Relational Service Transaction (UARS) Does Not Receive RDMS Table Information when used with RDMS 12R2, 13R1, 13R1A, or 14R1

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Read this document if your site is running one of these RDMS versions.
Applications which use the UniAccess ODBC Server for RDMS may not retrieve any table information when executed with RDMS 12R2, 13R1, 13R1A, or 14R1. For example, Microsoft Access will not display a list of available tables when the user attempts to link or import RDMS data using the UniAccess ODBC driver. Open Client applications that issue the sp_tables procedure call to the UniAccess ODBC Server for RDMS will not receive any table information.In addition, these applications may intermittently display an error message “EX 26270 Table, Qualifier, version, schema and storage-area may not contain leading or embed blanks”.

Technical Description

As a result of an ODBC SQLTables request or an Open Client sp_tables request, the UniAccess Relational Service transaction (UARS) requests table information from RDMS via an SQL statement that is not being properly handled by RDMS 12R2 with 00295-09570-PCR, RDMS 13R1 and RDMS 13R1A with 00295-09571-PCR, and RDMS 14R1.


The problem occurs with the following levels of RDMS:

  • RDMS 12R2 with 00295-09570-PCR
  • RDMS 13R1 or 13R1A with 00295-09571-PCR
  • RDMS 14R1A


The resolution is to apply the changes associated with PLE 18167832, Various problems when using LIKE with embedded SQL. (You will need a userid and password to access this site.)

Knowledge Base: Other