UniAccess updates are required with the EXEC in CP IX 9.2 (47R4B), CP IX 10.1 (47R5B), or later due to ER-CONFIG$ changes

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Important notice if your site is running one of these OS versions.

EXEC PCR 78703 (CP9.2) and 78704 (CP10.1) expanded the MCN number field from 8 digits to 16. The internal representation of the serial number in the EXEC’s CONFIG$ information tables now requires 4 words instead of 2.

Existing levels of the UNIACCESS-ODBC product no longer work on any system containing these EXEC changes. When the UACS background run is started, it executes the UACF processor (UniAccess Configuration Utility). That utility issues an ER CONFIG$ request to retrieve the value of the site’s MCN, by interrogating the value of the parameter PDB_MFG_CONTROL_NUMBER.

Word 3,,H2 of the CONFIG$ packet indicates how many words of information are being requested from the EXEC. Any programs that retrieve the value of this parameter now need to specify a larger word count of 4 in order to retrieve the entire 16 digit MCN. If word 3,,H2 of the CONFIG$ packet still specifies a value of 2 words on a system that includes this EXEC change, ER CONFIG$ will return a warning status (000001) indicating that the user did not supply a large enough buffer to contain the entire amount of data that the EXEC wants to pass back.

This non-zero CONFIG$ warning status causes the UACF processor to fail:

UniAccess Configuration Utility (UACF) v10R2-0
UAMM initialization successful.
—> Invalid product key [UACLPRODKEY]. [26] *ERROR*
UACF processing failed.

Resolution Details:
UniAccess versionĀ 10R3-0, 10R2-2, 10R1-4, and 9R2-8 (and later) have been modified to use 4 words of output buffer instead of 2 when it issues a UACF ER CONFIG$ to retrieve the PDB_MFG_CONTROL_NUMBER (char string).

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