UniAccess ODBC Server for DMS

Provides SQL-query access to Unisys DMS databases

The UniAccess ODBC Server for DMS 2200 (UAOS for DMS) is a simplified version of the UniAccess Transaction Server providing SQL-query access to Unisys DMS databases for Microsoft ODBC-compliant and non-ODBC Open Client applications. UAOS for DMS is intended for Unisys DMS users to begin building client/server applications without mainframe-based programming. If access to other mainframe databases, or use of mainframe based programs via RPCs is required, the UAOS for DMS customer may upgrade to the full UniAccess Transaction Server.

UniAccess ODBC Server for DMS 2200

UAOS for DMS includes the host-based UAHS transaction, the communication server (UACS), which routes and translates requests between clients and servers, and other core components, such as UACF. It also includes the UniAccess ODBC Driver. Internally, the UniAccess ODBC Server makes use of the UniAccess Server-Library (UASL) functions, but they are not accessible to the customer to enable the RPC capability on the Unisys 2200. These components, discussed below, act together to transform the Unisys 2200 into a Microsoft architecture compatible server by performing the following functions:

  • provide utilities to assist in the mapping of a relational view onto a hierarchical DMS database
  • establish and manage the client/server interaction
  • interoperate with client applications or SQL Servers using the TDS protocol
  • process client SQL queries and ODBC catalog access requests
  • perform host-to-client datatype conversions
  • manage error, information, and security control

All of the client and server-side components listed below are packaged together, priced, and licensed under the product name of UniAccess ODBC Server for DMS 2200. With the UniAccess ODBC Server for DMS, hundreds of industry-leading SQL and Microsoft ODBC tools provide turnkey access to Unisys DMS.

UniAccess Hierarchical Server (UAHS) is an OS 2200 transaction that provides SQL query capability to DMS 2200 databases. This service creates a meta-database containing DMS schema information and a relational mapping of the schema. UAHS uses this relational view of a DMS database to process retrieve-only SQL language requests. ODBC catalog functions access the meta-database to obtain DMS catalog information. UAHS is an AIS-written TIP transaction, built with UniAccess Server-Library functions.

UniAccess Communication Server (UACS) on the OS 2200 mainframe, provides the communication link between UniAccess on the Unisys 2200 and all other Microsoft architectural components across the network. UniAccess interacts across the network using TCP/IP through either the Unisys DCP or HLC. UACS utilizes the Unisys TSAM communications interface, which is part of the Unisys CMS. The operations of UACS, as well as the other interoperability components of the architecture, are transparent to the user, so no programming or knowledge of its functions and protocols is required. UACS can handle large numbers of users, and multiple UACSs may run on a single host. UACS utilizes the MCB for scheduling transactions to allow existing transaction management and tuning capabilities to be utilized.

UniAccess Fixed-Gate (UAFG) is a system-wide shared sub-system that contains a number of core services essential to the UniAccess System. UAFG contains the UniAccess Data Manager (UADT) and the UniAccess Message Manager (UAMM) that manage user, remote server, message, and other information. It also contains the UniAccess Server-Library, used internally by UAOS for DMS. The services provided by UAFG are transparent to the user.

UniAccess ODBC Driver (UADriver) is the PC component that allows Microsoft ODBC-compatible client applications and tools to have ODBC access to OS 2200. The driver processes ODBC function calls from a wide variety of client tools, submits SQL and RPC requests to UniAccess server components, and returns results to the application. It works in conjunction with the Microsoft supplied Driver Manager, appearing to the application as one processing unit.

Please note that all the components required by UniAccess on a Microsoft Windows client or server system are bundled at no additional cost with UAOS for DMS. With the licensing of the mainframe products, AIS provides a no-cost license to use these desktop components on an unlimited number of customer systems that are connected to the OS 2200 mainframes.