UniAccess Transaction Client

Provides Remote Procedure Call (RPC) access to OS 2200 ASCII COBOL, UCS COBOL, and UCS C TIP transactions and databases

The UniAccess Transaction Client for OS 2200 (UATC) enables Unisys OS 2200 mainframe applications to interoperate with remote Microsoft and Sybase compatible services. The Transaction Client utilizes the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) peer-data-protocol and is a source-code based, licensed implementation of the SYBASE Open Client, engineered for the Unisys OS 2200 environment. Using Client-Library functions, the programmer writes client applications on the OS 2200 that can communicate with UniAccess System servers or remote servers such as SQL Servers or SYBASE Open Server programs.

UA Transaction Client Diagram

UniAccess is designed and implemented to fully utilize Unisys OS 2200 system software to the greatest degree possible. The UniAccess Transaction Client system components that interact with the OS 2200 system include the UniAccess Communication Server (UACS) and the UniAccess Fixed-Gate (UAFG). Other components of UATC include the UniAccess Client-Library (UACL) and the Interactive SQL Parser for OS 2200 (ISQL). These components act together to transform the Unisys 2200 into a Microsoft architecture compatible client by performing the following functions:

  • establish and manage the client/server interaction
  • communicate with Microsoft and Sybase-compatible servers using the TDS protocol
  • issue client SQL language and RPC requests
  • accept and service responses and perform datatype translations as necessary
  • manage error, information, and security control

All of the client and server-side components listed below are packaged together, priced, and licensed under the product name of UniAccess Transaction Client.
UniAccess Client-Library (UACL), a set of system services (Open Client functions) that enable Unisys TIP transactions to become client applications in the Microsoft and Sybase architecture. TIP applications can issue SQL and RPC requests to remotely access any Microsoft or Sybase compatible server, including UniAccess on another Unisys 2200 or the Microsoft or Sybase architecture components on IBM mainframes. OS 2200 batch programs may also utilize the UACL.

UniAccess Communication Server (UACS) on the OS 2200 mainframe, provides the communication link between UniAccess on the Unisys 2200 and all other Microsoft architectural components across the network. UniAccess interacts across the network using TCP/IP through either the Unisys DCP or HLC. UACS utilizes the Unisys TSAM communications interface, which is part of the Unisys CMS. The operations of UACS, as well as the other interoperability components of the architecture, are transparent to the user, so no programming or knowledge of its functions and protocols is required.

UniAccess Fixed-Gate (UAFG) is a system-wide shared sub-system that contains a number of core services essential to the UniAccess System. UAFG contains the UniAccess Data Manager (UADT) and the UniAccess Message Manager (UAMM) that manage user, remote server, message, and other information. It also contains the UniAccess Client-Library. The services provided by UAFG are transparent to the user.

Interactive SQL Parser for OS 2200 (ISQL) is a processor that allows you to enter SQL language requests under an OS 2200 demand session. Transaction Client routes these SQL requests to the requested server and displays the results on your terminal. No programming is required.