UniAccess Executive Overview

The selection of an application interoperability architecture for client/server and web applications is a strategic decision for any organization both today and for many years to come. Application architecture dictates how existing platforms and tools can interoperate, what new tools, platforms, and technologies can be adopted, and the approach for future application modernization. The following information and customer comments highlight some important considerations for selecting an architecture and the differentiation of the Microsoft architecture.

Capitalize on Your Existing Assets

Your existing OS 2200 Systems, software, applications, and databases are valuable assets. Fiscal reality probably dictates that you must incorporate the use of these assets into any client/server development or modernization plan. UniAccess preserves your investment in existing applications and databases by providing Microsoft Universal Data Access (ADO/OLE-DB/ODBC) access to OS 2200 applications and databases. Through OLE DB/ADO/ODBC, UniAccess enables not only language requests, such as Structured Query Language (SQL), but also Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) which invoke new or existing Unisys TIP transactions or batch programs. By enabling this high degree of interoperability between industry leading desktop and workgroup server technology with your OS 2200 assets, UniAccess allows you to make the most of your current environment as you invest in the new generation of technology.

“In this line of business, seamless interoperability among application platforms in various internal and external organizations is mandatory. With UniAccess and the Microsoft architecture, our Unisys 2200s have gone from closed and proprietary to one of the most open systems in the state.”

– Don Smith, Director, Strategic Projects, Texas Department of Human Services

Choice of Virtually ALL Tools and Platforms

As an implementation of the Microsoft architecture, UniAccess offers a choice of hundreds of industry leading application development, end-user, and off-the-shelf client and server products from Microsoft and hundreds of supporting, industry leading vendors. The Microsoft architecture is available on all leading client platforms: DOS, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, Apple, and UNIX. Furthermore, OS 2200 systems may interoperate with new or existing applications on virtually all server environments; IBM, HP, DEC, SUN, AT&T, etc.

“Timely and accurate information is critical to the success of our business. With UniAccess and the Microsoft architecture, we have an architecture that will meet our needs long into the future. With access to Microsoft, we are tapped into the leading development and end-user tools, plus the support of many open platforms. For us, UniAccess and the Microsoft architecture was the first and only choice.”

– William Krewson, MIS Manager, Subaru of America

Robustness and High Performance

UniAccess is specifically engineered to provide the transaction processing qualities you have come to rely upon from your OS 2200 System. UniAccess is fully integrated with Unisys OS 2200 systems software (CMS, TIP, MCB and UDS) and provides the integrity, security, and performance that your mission critical applications require.

“Our implementation of client/server applications was greatly facilitated by the use of the UniAccess product. The applications were implemented on schedule, they performed very well, and they required minimal training of personnel. From its first implementation in September 1995, the stability has been outstanding. The Tabular Data Stream protocol implemented by AIS provides impressive performance. Typical queries addressing tens of thousands of rows return a result with sub-second response time.”

– Amadeus IT spokesperson, Amadeus, France (Amadeus is the world’s leading travel distribution system and among the largest 2200 sites worldwid